Titleimage: Institute for Fish and Wildlife Health
  • We are dedicated to the study of infectious and non-infectious diseases in fish and wildlife combining the knowledge and experience of ~30 veterinarians and biologists. We work at the interface of veterinary medicine, epidemiology, ecology and evolutionary biology and are committed to a One Health approach.
  • We offer diagnostic services in the fish and wildlife sector and invest into the development of diagnostic methods.
  • Our team pushes the boundaries of what is scientifically known in the field of fish and wildlife health, combines expertise with innovation, and trains the next generation of wildlife experts in Switzerland and Europe. We develop and share knowledge across different disciplines and social groups.




New wildlife heads

Meet the future heads of the wildlife division at FIWI. Mirjam Pewsner and Simone Pisano will join forces and share expertise across species, sectors, and research areas to strategically develop wildlife health & surveillance in a changing world, starting August 2024!

Small mammal anesthesia

With the support of the Eva-Husi-Foundation, the wildlife immobilisation team will develop guidelines for anesthesia of small free-range mammals.


Congrats to Patrick Scherrer, Juliette Kuhn, Simone Pisano, Moritz Stelzer for Best Poster/Talk awards!

Student Presentation Award at the 69th WDA Conference

Congratulations to Patrick Scherrer! His talk on "Toxoplasma gondii infection in the protected Eurasian lynx in Switzerland” received a honorable mention at the Student Presentation Awards of the 69th WDA conference.


The FIWI offers a new service: Amoeba diagnostics through culture assays. Get in touch if you are interested.


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